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Laura Coe

Laura and Adam's 2.6 challenge for MEP - 26km run (13km each)



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I've worked with MEP as a their social media intern over the past 7 months and alongside meeting an amazing group of people have had the opportunity to learn about the crucially important work MEP's trainers are carrying out in marginalised communities across Myanmar. MEP delivers english teacher training to some of the remotest and most vulnerable in Burmese society, and without the continued assistance from our supporters, this work would not be possible. COVID-19 is having devastating impacts in all communities, and during this trying time, charities are going to be hit hard. This 2.6 challenge is aiming to rectify this. With the kind help of my brother who is going to split the distance, I am hoping to run 13km each this Sunday (26/04/2020) so that together we can complete 26km. We would appreciate any support and kind donations. 

Laura and Adam Coe.

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The 2.6 Challenge

Many fundraising events in the UK have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2.6 challenge takes place on the original date of the London Marathon in a hope to raise essential funds for charities across the UK who have been left struggling to maintain ...

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